About MerryMaid


A nature and ocean inspired blog.

Merrymaid emphasises the importance of conserving our world and improving things vastly for the sake of planet earth.

Merrymaid began in 2016 when I decided that writing was something I wanted to build a career from. I have always been a writer and I just love writing blog posts. I like to spread positivity and happiness to people and the fact that I can do this for people all over the world at a click of a “publishing” button is just outrageous. I realised that as my blog begins to grow and develop I have the opportunity to promote the conservation of nature and earth.

The beauty of running a lifestyle blog is that the content can be so varied and wonderful!

I have always been obsessed with nature and ocean life which is why I wanted it to influence my blog as much as it does.

You have clicked into a very happy area of the Internet where there are guides available to make your life easier, my own efforts in ocean and nature conservation and home of the most recent Tongue in Cheek Tuesday episodes where I rant about things in life. With such a positive lifestyle blog, it is important to remember that even the happiest of people can experience negative things and feel down. There is no such thing as constant happiness and that is such an important thing to remember.

Join me in my posts about helping the world and my life stories… there are plenty of those to share and laugh at!