Although I have now written a handful of blog posts and WordPress has been graced with my presence for just under a year, I think that now would be a great time to actually formally introduce myself to my readers.


I am Emma, or the Merry Maid behind this blog. While it is a quiet, modest blog I am trying to build my love of the ocean into it. I hope to one day leave this world having made it a better place. Yes, that was a Beyoncé quote and yes I am very much in the Beyhive *woohs with my fellow Beyheads*.

I remember the first time I realised that I loved to write and that was when I was in Primary 2. I remember our teacher would give us out our wrapping-paper-covered jotters and make us write the journey of our weekend or day. It never seemed odd to me that we would hand our diary into the teacher for marking at that age anyway, but now that I look back on it- I find it quite a strange thing. Giving your diary away to a teacher and having them read and judge how you spent your weekend. While I was never a “bad” girl who wrote all my deepest secrets in my diary, I was a bit of a compulsive fibber. I used to look at my diary as something of a story book and I will never forget the day when I had written all about our family winning the lottery and us becoming millionaires to only have this fantasy ripped away from me when I walked home and my neighbour had heard the news from her son who was in my class also. She asked my mum “Elaine, did you win the lottery!?”

Poor Elaine was baffled!

There was other types of fibs that I used to tell such as the time when my Mum had a baby and I had a new baby sister called “Nutkin”. I am fairly certain to this day that if my Mother had named my baby sister “Nutkin”, somebody would have said something. But I think that I came up with this name with inspiration from the Finnish/Swedish children’s TV programme, The Moomins, with Snuffkin as I used to watch this religiously. Did you ever watch the Moominsmoomins

My Dad is my hero. He started up his own business out of thin air and built it up! I would like to think that my business acumen was inspired by the first man in my life! While the business is no longer in the market, he did a damn good job and it was luck that played the foul character in this show- he had all the knowledge and know-how! My Mum is also my hero. She is such a loving individual with smiles embedded in her eyes and she always knows how to make us all feel better.  I grew up in a very happy house with parents who never argued and two amazing big sisters who although we would bicker, would look out for me and make sure I was happy! I was a lucky kid!

Growing up has made me realise how tricky life can be. I certainly am not always a merry maid. I know, SHOCKER! But I realise that life is a story with no template or plan and that is exactly how I live it, with no template in mind.


I remember sitting in a German coffee shop during my time in Berlin and looking up at a small corner table across the room and seeing an old couple together- how sweet! They were intending to share a scone or some delicious German cake over a nice cup of warm coffee. I remember seeing the man taking a big bite of his scone and I was almost tasting its rich, buttery flavour vicariously through his reaction. The woman he was with tried it and with haste, scrunched her nose up and offered the rest of the scone to the man with a bit of distate.

That was when  I realised that there is no succinct template in place for life. What might work for one scenario or person, may not work for another, such as the scone. While society may try to tell you differently, there is no right or wrong way to live your life (unless it’s illegal). Exams will always come and go, but until we know what purpose we have on this earth I do not think there will ever be a “how to-life” exam. That solidifies the fact that nobody on this earth knows what the hell they are doing but we are all trying to get through it with happiness on our shoulders. So therefore, I think that accepting light and happiness into our lives and remaining content throughout it is the meaning of life- but then again, we aren’t robots produced out of the happy factory. There will be times when you don’t want to be happy, or can’t be, and I have found that that is absolutely okay!

Life got a lot easier when I had this epiphany. It made me realise that the only person that I was harming by being unhappy and miserable was me, and certainly at that point in my life I felt like I could not confide in anybody else and it was just me. So me was making me unhappy and that sucked but me was all I had (or thought at that time).

This was when I decided to stop the moping and start focusing on cheering up. I tried to become more nostalgic and sociable which both certainly helped! Keeping your mind busy from the harsh reality it is swimming in is all good and well until you get used to the loud volume of the busy and those thoughts begin to creep back in and ignoring your problems will not go away! It’s important to come to terms with the difficulty that you are going through in any aspect of life. Just remember that it will always pass and there will always, always be bigger problems in your future. You will always have to deal with it and come out shining!


I am now 22 years old, a graduated woman in business with a supportive family, amazing life partner in Tama, friends to die for and little drama. While there are many things I could change in my life; right now I would change only one or two things but the list above would still remain.

graduate.pngI created the blog Merrymaid because I felt like everything in the world is focused on being negative and stand-offish. Why not try to spread a little joy and light around the world? I also hope to bring into my blog important ways to help save our world. I know how difficult it can be trying to go completely green, but I will be writing up posts about how we can each contribute in a “lazy” way to make the world a little better for everybody. One passion of mine is ocean conservation. I am planning to gather a small group of friends together to take part in a beach clean organised by our town’s Rotary club.

My advice?

Accept the love and light in your life because it will help you to move forward. Love your family and support your friends. Never miss a school parent’s night- your presence can change the teacher’s initial report from bad or okay-ish to a full on okay. Do not tell your class in Primary 2 a bunch of fibs because they will come back to bite you on the butt. When your mum says not to use nail polish at 4 years old; don’t do it. Try and live your life the way your 8 year old self would want you to.

And now you know a little bit more about me! I would be keen to hear about you, so leave a comment to introduce yourself!

Merrymaid x






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  1. Hi Emma, I remember those diaries at school very well. We still have chuckle about them. This is such a lovely post with lots of wisdom. Where did my baby go? 🙂

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