There is something therapeutic and enthralling about making your own crazy way through the world.

Whether it be a dog walk or a solo hill hike or maybe you would just like to sit outside at a coffee shop to drink a warm beverage, it is difficult to realise in this day and age that you are lucky to be graced with being this close to nature at all times.

Sure, nature can be intimidating and frightening but it also has its moments of kindness and modesty.

Nature is that kid at school who never speaks but who eventually blows up in a fit of rage when things get a bit too much for them. Just like that kid, nature can come out shining.


Now that winter is coming to an end (yay!), the hygge lifestyle trend may level out while more and more people seek the light and airy feel of a summer home. And do you know what? Light and air are elements of… NATURE. Having a home with elements of nature involved can create a calm and cool vibe. I think it is so important in this day and age for us all to appreciate the world that we live in and to respect nature. This should be a philosophy… oh wait… it is already?

Friluftsliv is my new favourite word. It is the word for an old philosophy in Norway that directly translates as “free air life”. It means that you appreciate the moment you are outside in the fresh air and it can feel as though you are returning to home. You don’t have to be doing anything like cliff jumping or parkour to feel like this. In fact you just have to be outside, even engaging in minimal activity such as a walk through the park.


If you find yourself bored on a Saturday afternoon, wrap yourself up and get yourself out that door. Do not waste the day away when nature is offering you the chance to live outside of walls and achieve friluftsliv.

Some people might not enjoy going outside, and would imagine a hike to be their worst nightmare. For me, I cannot fathom what that must be like! I love camping, hiking and getting stuck in the mud. Its where I feel most alive and also most content. You could say, I feel one with nature and that is because I truly believe that I have achieved friluftsliv.

tree huggers.png

You could try going for a walk around an alternative route, or even around your neighbourhood. You could meet up with a friend and go for a cycle. Take your dog out for a long walk; you both will enjoy the fresh air and bonding experience. Breathe in deeply whenever you see a beautiful view because they can sometimes take away that ability depending on the level of beauty. Take a moment to register all scents, views, terrains. Clear your mind. Run your hands through the long blades of grass feeling the tickling on your palms. Feel the bark of the trees. Listen to the river whispering through the land. Hear the twittering of the birds phone free. Wait for the mud that is currently caking your ankle to dry and chip it away. Get a splinter from climbing a tree and then find a creative way to evacuate said splinter. Imagine you and your dog are the last two beings on the earth and you have to initiate your survival actions together. Trip up and fall; turn onto your back to watch the sky. Cloud watch. Admire the flowers. Dodge the rain drops and feel the sun. Say hello to passers by. Take mental photographs. You stayed out long enough for the sun to set; well done!


You could be a happier person with friluftsliv and if that is something you are lacking, try it because you may be surprised.

If you take care of nature; nature will take care of you.







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