beach clean

Brilliant things this way come for beach cleans!!!

Beach Clean team- Dirty Beaches

(yes, it says Beaches)

In 2018, Merrymaid is developing a beach clean team- team Dirty Beaches.

Starting in summer 2018, the Dirty Beaches will be travelling around Scotland  for beach cleans to tidy things up and to get local people involved! The less stigma there is surrounding ocean pollution, the better and we can combat this to actually make a difference! Overtime we have decided that we will be extending our trips to the rest of the world and we have a wide strategy in place for this!

Prizes, merchandise, experiences and great Instagram shots are on the agenda for Dirty Beaches and we hope you can get involved too! If you would like to be a part of the Dirty Beaches then please drop me a line at

Join the Dirty Beaches team

Anyone who joins the team will receive a welcome pack! Team T-shirts will be on sale soon too, and we will be doing a few giveaways when we receive them!

Team Members will receive a discount on the team apparel and merchandise so join us now!

Lets get over this pile of poop that we found ourselves in and actually do something to make a difference to the world- starting with a beach clean.

World, we got you boo.

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