The Best Oil to use for dry skin

A few years ago I was introduced to Baobab oil when I was taking a class at University. I found out that it had wonderful properties for humans with dry skin and that the Baobab fruit was classed as a “Super fruit” helping to restore the nutritional balance to a human body.

Dry skin
Baobab Tree that stores gallons of water in the trunks to grow the amazing fruit!

A while after that, a good friend and I were toying with the idea of creating and manufacturing our own natural makeup line using eco-friendly products while maintaining the slay. We did a lot of research and unfortunately it never turned into anything… yet (still hopeful!) but I did find an ingredient that I would have proudly incorporated into any of our future products! Baobab Oil. For those wondering, Baobab oil and fruits come from the Baobab tree which originates from the African plains. It is sometimes referred to as the African Tree of Life. It not only produces “super fruit” but it is super large and what is so beautiful and mystifying about these trees is the appearance of them. They look like they have been planted upside down with the routes flailing out at the soil surface instead of tree branches.

Baobab Oil- What is it?

In the exciting product creation stage for our makeup plan, I purchased a small amount of Baobab Oil to add to the formulas we would make. After doing some research into Baobab Oil and its properties it was a complete no-brainer.

Absolutely teaming with almost a full alphabet of vitamins (E, C, A, D and K) and omega fatty acids, the oil gently penetrates deep into the skin filling it with healthy nourishment and it helps to revitalise your cells. This can make your skin work very well and it can recover damaged cells and it will help to moisten up that dry skin of ours!

One of the deciding factors for me was the fact that it was high in Vitamin C concentration which is the secret to younger looking skin as Vitamin C stimulates collagen production and collagen is what we all want to keep looking as youthful as ever! So why pay through the nose for collagen implants when you can splash out a small amount and get something that will actually help you and your health. It is the best oil to use for dry skin and dry skin frequently makes appearances in autumn!

Why should I use Baobab Oil over autumn? Is it really the best oil to use for dry skin?

(does nobody else find it weird that the seasons of a year do not get capital letters?)

If you are anything like me, you will have a love/hate relationship with autumn. Its the most exciting and cosy season ever and it is home to the greatest holiday eveeeer (okay, its tying with Christmas)- Halloween! But, while I love to love autumn, it tends to hate my skin. I deal with year-round Eczema but it gets particularly aggravated in cooler, wetter weather in autumn- which basically makes my global positioning a bit laughable being in Scotland (where it rains almost all year round). I therefore deal with skin breaks, intense red wounds and extremely dry skin where I have itched to the point of no return – curse you Eczema for making the itching feel so good at first! While I would not recommend Baobab oil for extremely effected areas such as red open wounds, it is a wonderful natural remedy for the beginning stages of a new hot zone on your skin. I can attest to that! I use Aveeno for the extreme wounds caused by Eczema and within a week it will be gone if I apply Aveeno liberally. I will post a review on that next month.

If you don’t suffer from Eczema but do suffer from dry skin over the cooler months, you should seriously consider giving Baobab oil a try.

It is one of the most versatile, natural materials to use in self care! I compare it to the likes of Coconut oil sometimes. Hair damaged? Coconut oil. Nail beds wrecked? Coconut oil. Stir fry Fridays? Fry that stir in Coconut oil! (please don’t try cooking with Baobab oil- that would be nasteeeeeeh).

It helps your pooch’s dry skin too!

dry skin
Featuring Obie

Baobab oil also offers your pooch some assistance in the colder months! Cracked, dry and flaky paw pads can be painful for our little friends so its very important to look out for them when we can! Rub a little bit of the oil onto the base of their affected pads and do this every evening for a week. You should start seeing differences quickly and because of the taste of the oil, your pooch won’t be likely to lick it unlike if we were to use Coconut oil. We aren’t the only ones with dry skin in the cooler months, remember!

You can incorporate Baobab Oil to your skincare routine so easily…

You don’t have to worry about looking like a greasy, oily mess after using this stuff- its very fast drying and leaves your skin feeling super soft and sleek. I actually prefer to use natural oils on my legs post-shave as it gives it that natural glow that I like. You can rub the oil onto stretchmarks that you might no longer want. I used to be in a frame of mind where I obsessed over my stretchmarks from weight loss and gain but it is something that I grew to no longer care about, and began to embrace- life is too short! That being said, its a personal choice to do something about them if they exist on your person and I hold no judgement in it whatsoever! If you want to lessen the appearance of stretch marks, you can apply the oil after heating it up in between your hands and rubbing it in circular motions over your stretch marks. If you only rub it in once or twice, the production of collagen may be slowed so keep on stimulating the skin to build that production capacity up. It is not an instant cure for stretch marks, but if used frequently and religiously, you will begin to notice the appearance of your stretch marks diminishing or turning silver.

However, if you do not wish to rub it directly onto your skin then you can do the following suggestions:

  • Run a hot autumnal bath, light up some candles, sneak in some books and drop 6-8 drops of Baobab Oil into the hot water. Step right in and you will feel like you are placing yourself into a pool of velvet pearls. I would mostly recommend this if you plan to shave your leggies. Post bath, you don’t even have to worry about moisturising!
  • Pour 1-2 drops of the oil into a very light moisturiser (preferably something cocoa based). I find that doing this allows me to build up a dewy look prior to applying makeup to my skin and it allows me that chance to let my face experience the luxurious touch of Baobab oil. Just be sure to not use anything too heavy as this will clog up your skin and the oil will never sink in. Its not the cheapest oil in the world, so make sure it doesn’t go to waste.
  • Add 3 drops to a bottle of conditioner. Again, please use this very sparingly in your conditioner. While the oil doesn’t leave much oily evidence on your skin, it can do on your hair and so you do not want to be using too much. Use your conditioner as usual but ensure you do leave it in your hair for upwards of 4-6 minutes before rinsing to really allow the oil to take affect. You will have shinier and more flexible hair.

I would recommend Baobab oil to everybody and frequently do. I really noticed a difference in my skin after a couple of months of using it religiously.

I only bought a small bottle and while it is usually only good for no more than 2 years, it has lasted me so far around a year and 2 months and we are still going strong.

If you are interested in purchasing some Baobab Oil, you can click on the link below to find the best price for a bottle on Amazon. I used this exact stuff and its the real deal.

Mystic Moments Baobab Oil


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