Leonardo Di Caprio climate change hero

Who is our Climate Change Hero? Why of course it’s Leo!

Today I learned that oor Leo, the Climate Change hero is doing something amazing for the world and it might be something that you aren’t aware of. Nope, its not just his presence on the planet that is helping, but he has pledged $20 million to help tackle climate change.

Leonardo Di Caprio is donating this money to causes supported by a multitude of conservationist charities and companies, Leo is proving that climate change really is not to be taken seriously and I am so overjoyed by the fact that somebody on his level has made the effort to take advantage of his platform to promote something so important to all generations.

We need more news like this please instead of the usual dribble. Thank you Leo, it takes a special type of dude to play a major part in a movie that involved you freezing to death in the ocean to then donating a significant chunk of money to help conserve it. Merrymaid appreciates and shares your compassionate actions taken to help the world heal.

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