Apologies in the lack of posts over the past month- my working life took over for a while there but I have now got my feet back on solid ground so expect more posts!

I am also not being paid for this post, or sponsored. I just really wanted to share the best magazine I have ever read with you awesome readers and if you end up subscribing, not only does it benefit the magazine company, but you are also going in the right direction for self improvement and environmental correction!

Best Magazine

Much to my dismay I had to take a trip to my beloved hometown to go to the not-so-beloved dentist. Am I the only one who travels all the way back to their hometown to go to the dentist? I grew up with the same wonderful tooth doctor tending to my pearly whites, fixing them when they were acting stubborn and hurtful- there is no way I am letting somebody else near my teeth! No matter how much I like my dentist, I cannot shake the fear whenever my teeth summon me there.

So there was me, sitting… no, shaking in the dentist waiting room, patiently and too happily waiting in anticipation for the nurse to call my name when I decided to take my clouding mind to a magazine in the rack. I browsed and browsed. I am not one to pick up a gossip magazine and hum and haw over who just divorced their husband but then wants to get back together- but I decided that my nerves were getting the better of me. That was right when I saw the awaiting option right in front of me- Happiful. Was it fate?

The best Magazine- Happiful

Best magazine

The name captured my vision and I hurriedly grabbed it, as if there were 4 other hands reaching for it too. I immediately sat down and flicked through it- pages (nice feeling pages, by the way) and pages through, I was already feeling warmer with the images and colours flicking up in front of my eyes… and I hadn’t even begun to read it. I quickly came to the conclusion that this was the best magazine ever. All dentists should be stocked with full supply with this magazine to calm patient’s nerves!

I became rather immersed in this magazine before the nurse called me to the appointment room where my tooth’s fate was sealed. Fumbling to stick the magazine back into the rack but failing, I dropped it on the floor forcing the floor between the cover and back page. Lifting it up, I proceeded to close it when I noticed a small notice in the back explaining that for every tree used for printing, 2 trees are planted in its place. That was when I realised that Happiful are onto something special here. Merrymaid and Happiful embody the same ethics and goals- to make the world a happier, more sustainable place to live for all! So I obviously got home and emailed in to explain my admiration of the magazine.

What makes it the best Magazine? It’s human and eco friendly!

Happiful is a magazine that focuses on helping humans build better mental health! Now, I don’t know about you guys, but personally, I love to read a magazine that I can relate to perfectly. It is incredibly refreshing to know that I am opening up a magazine free of silly unimportant gossip! Imagine a magazine that is not plastered with the perfectly toned bodies of celebrities that force us to roll our eyes with an umph of “ugh these girls” and a note of conspicuous jealousy.

I appreciate any magazine that can provide inspiration and gravitas all in one without degrading others. This is what our society is hopefully aiming towards achieving- less “standard” beauty standards, better minds and improved mental health, acceptance of the fact that everybody is different but none of us really know what the heck is going on.

But I think what is important is that Happiful seeks to prevent poor mental health. That, my dear friends is exactly what we want to be reading!

When I reached out to the magazine it was obvious to see how much they want to help their readers with their mental health and it was clear to see that we held the same ethics and ideals. I want to help the world and so do Happiful (which is pretty rare for a magazine company which send huge numbers of magazines to print every month).

If  you would like to read more about what else this inspiring magazine has to offer it’s readers, please see the links embedded into the post or use the link below.


To all the Happiful team, thank you so much for helping the world in this way! Its an important message to include that the creator of this magazine seeked to find a way to appeal to the people of the world to help others. This inspires me to a new level and I am full of hope for what is to come for Merrymaid. Happiful? Keep doing you boo!

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