A Natural Cure for the Cold?

The ocean is a wondrous thing. It covers the majority of our planet and it is incredibly deep, but the one thing that can destroy this majestic land factor is humankind, which seems strange especially it can provide us humans with great things, like being a natural cure for the cold!

We damage the ocean by using one use plastics and polluting our air with our cars, planes, plastics etc etc and I am quite frankly fed up of it. We take this beautiful ocean for granted and I think that its because not enough people are aware of how important it is.

While humankind disappoints the success of the oceans, the oceans help humankind. We need to be doing whatever it takes to take car of it.

The air is purifying and can help with colds

Got a cold? A nasal issue and in need of a tissue? The ocean air has antiseptic and antiphlogistic properties and it is recommended that if you stand on the beach for a while when feeling stuffy nosed, you will begin to feel clearer within minutes. Getting rid of a cold is cause for a little celebration! Natural Cure for the coldWhen you stay at home with a cold, you are being suffocated by dry air. While I may have made that seem slightly more dramatic than it actually is, dry air contains pollutions and low humidity and that is certainly not something you want when you have a cold. People used to actually make their way to the ocean to bathe in the salt water in order to cure  sinus related maladies. According to the Lung Institute there are 4 main factors that the ocean air attacks when you are suffering a cold:


It becomes thinner when the air is hitting your sinuses (sinii?)

Lung function

It becomes improved. Imagine breathing in big breaths of salty fresh and cold air? It makes your head clearer both mentally and physically and it helps the old bronchioles in your breathing bags.

Reduced coughing

there is nothing worse than having a cold that makes you cough so much that the cold ends up affecting your head, diaphragm and ribs, and unfortunately when you begin coughing, you seldom stop in a timely fashion. When you feel a coughing fit becoming the norm of your life, take a trip to your local beach (if you have one near by. If not, head down to the closest fresh air area) and inhale the ocean air deeply.  The tiny water droplets held in the air help you to bring moisture back to your throat, lungs and skin, which lets face it is probably needing some moisture after your poor self has been inundated with the cold.

Decreased sinus pressure

You know the feeling when your nose is becoming more and more blocked by the minute? You literally feel the cells at the top of your nose expanding and sometimes they make a weird internal clicking noise. Mm lovely, that my kind sirs, is the mucus that you need to thin with the ocean air. You will find that most of the time when you wake up in the morning your nose is the stuffiest it has been in a while and that can be because of the fact that you are closed up in a stuffy room with a lack of fresh air. The moment you hit fresh air, your nose will become clearer, but you probably don’t need me to tell you that!

Its a scary moment when you start getting a blocked nose. When it gets to a certain point of blockage I always end up regretting the fact that I took my clear nose for granted before any dreadful cold inflicted my happy life. I am sure you know what I mean. While there is no cure for colds (yet), we should take the lessons from our ancestors who used to lie by the sea to cure their sinus related illnesses. A little bit of fresh air never killed anybody (who wasn’t allergic to fresh air) so I think that you should stop what you are doing- cold or no cold and head to the nearest coastline for a breath of fresh, salty air!


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