Wanting to take part in some form of ocean conservation but not sure where to start? Have no fear, Merrymaid is here!

Pants to Plastic 2017

In September 2017, Merrymaid will be beginning the Pants to Plastic campaign for the month. This month-long endeavour is open to anybody who wants to take part in helping the ocean become cleaner. A cleaner ocean will not happen without the assistance from as many kind-hearted people as possible and ocean conservation starts with you!

How do you get involved? Its really easy! We are not asking you to dive into the ocean’s depths to manually pick up the plastic rubbish that is rapidly accumulating in the water, but we are asking you to take part in preventing your own use of plastics. The goal is to stop using disposable plastics! This includes plastic shopping bags, sandwich bags, plastic cups, cutlery, dog poop bags, drinking straws, microbead beauty products, you name it! If you have plastic, ask yourself if this is sustainable or if there is at least a sustainable version of it? If its not sustainable, RECYCLE!

As well as this, we also want to suggest to all participants to make a conscious effort in recycling and to record their experience of Pants to Plastic 2017 on social media using the hashtag #PantstoPlastic2017!

Join in and tell your friends!

It might be tricky, but with careful planning and my daily hints and tips that will be presented here and on the Merrymaid Facebook page it will be a walk in the park! If you think you are up for the challenge, comment below, subscribe, like our Facebook page and follow our Instagram!

Its so important to help the world at this point in time, and the only way to do it is with a united front! Would you like to take part in ocean conservation? Join in and get your friends involved!

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3 Replies to “Ocean Conservation- Pants to Plastic 2017 Campaign”

  1. I have a love-hate relationship with plastic. In design, yo can do a lot of fun things with plastic, the colors can be wonderful, you can have many different textures. But that’s it! I’ve been avoiding to use plastic as much as I can for years now. No bags, no packages, nothing. I religiously re-use and then recycle every bit that I can’t avoid. It’s not really that difficult, I became so used to it that I don’t even notice!
    Not only. I tend to pick up plastic in the street whenever I can. It doesn’t really cost anything to clean up a bit wherever I go!

    1. Hi Bobbi, you are doing great things for the world in that case and I urge you to keep it up!
      I totally get you, in some cases, plastic can be great and it is used in so many useful product- but its the kind that offers single-use that can be the most detrimental to our environment.
      Thank you for doing your part and you do you!!

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