Eco-Friendly product- Must have of July

We are all a bit guilty of using products that may be quite detrimental to the environment around us. I think its important that we can accept this, but that we learn to improve our own living habits to help the world! A way we can do just that is to note down the products that are available as single-use to us, and replace them with an eco-friendly product that would be more sustainable- thus reducing your waste!

Today is the day where I will be introducing you to a relatively new business who specialise in designing and producing sustainable, environmentally friendly bottles. I would very much like this to be an ongoing feature of my blog so that you beautiful readers can take full advantage of my knowledge and help the environment one sustainable item at a time!

Sustainable Bottles- Plenty of fish in the sea, but choose que Bottle

SUSTAINABLE  and INNOVATIVE? Yes, that could be said for most of the products that are available to us, but sustainable, innovative AND PRETTY are characteristics of the amazing product I will be talking about today from Quebottle.

I had heard about que Bottle after I had published a post about a beach clean and one of the genius people behind Quebottle had gotten in touch with me to explain what it was! A collapsible sustainable water bottle and they come in so many colours too! Of course there are thousands of sustainable water bottles in the world for sale, but none that are shaped like ‘s, I mean just look at how pretty! They come in an array of different colours, but you can see the orange one 10 eco-friendly products

You can buy your own que Bottle by clicking here. At the moment as que Bottle are relatively new, they mainly ship to US and Canada but if you live elsewhere, you can contact them to organise shipping on an international scale.

Why not be environmentally friendly, hydrated AND stylish? I can assure you that these bad boys are going to be big!

Do you love the que Bottle style? Purchase one today and stop using plastic bottles that damage the environment (and also save your pennies in the long-run).

How are you keeping sustainable even throughout the global overuse of one-off plastics? Comment below, I love to hear from you!


Have you heard about the Merrymaid Pants to Plastic 2017 campaign? If you are passionate about helping the oceans and ocean life as well as other aspects of nature, join in for a month of not using any single-use plastics and making a conscious effort to recycle what we can! September 2017 is the month of this campaign and we would love for you to be involved. For more information, please click here!


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