We all need friends to guide us through the many mazes in our lives. Most of us are lucky enough to grow up with friends at school who stick by us for life; others lose their friends from school due to life moving too fast. Some friends gradually disappear with no butthurt involved. Others may leave in a tornado of unnecessary drama leaving nothing but butthurt.

That is life. C’est la vie.

The problem with some friends is that they are just that… problems. Sometimes we cannot tell with some friends how much of a negative impact they can have on our lives because we fixate on the good rather than the bad.

I recently broke it off with a toxic friend and honestly my life has been so much sunnier and brighter without her. Without sounding mean, I have to say that this person weighed me down in life. They made me bitter, resentful and also they allowed me some fantastic memories! It was difficult when the friendship came to an end at first because we had been friends for so long and practically grown up side by side, but within about a week I had settled into the swing of it and have come out shining!

What is a Toxic Friend?

A toxic friend is somebody who feeds negativity to you and who steals the happy from your eyes.

You might find that a toxic friend belittles you subtly to build themselves up.

A toxic friend is somebody who shows no remorse in hurting you, even when they didn’t intend to.

We need to stay away from people who intentionally pick away at the things that bother us.

Why so often do we stay even though the person that we are staying with is so hurtful? Its the 100 year old question, why do we love those who hurt us the most? Memories. Humans like to emphasise good times and they do this by being nostalgic and replaying the positive movies that so fondly tickle our memories.

Toxic friends happen too often. We cannot define the exact moment when a friend becomes one of the toxic variety, but we can sure as hell identify it when we step back and take a breather. Some simple time apart can be the remedy that you need to realise how bad your friend can treat you.

You will find that other friends might suggest to you that you are being treated unfairly by your toxic friend. Sometimes the hit of realisation can be all it takes for you to take action and to leave the “friend” behind.

You have to realise just how precious this life is. At the end of your life, you will not sit with regret in the fact that you walked away from somebody that made you unhappy. You will feel happier knowing that you did what you could to provide yourself with the best chance possible- that is what counts! Having quality over quantity when it comes to friends is so important and because life is too short you need to make sure you are friends with people who build you rather than tear you down. Save your happy bank for your true friends… the one who see you at your worst but never use it against you!

Best friends


You got this boo.



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  1. Really beautiful written. I read a quote about this subject. Your friends have so much impact in your daily life. I try to be really conscious about my friends.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, this has made my day! So true, friends are one of the most important influences in our lives so it is so important to realise this and act accordingly. 🙂

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