Appreciating a woman and all her hard work can be complimentary to said woman. Taking the time out to fully admire a man would be complimentary to said man. Agreeing unanimously that a person is wondrous and encapsulating would be complimentary to said person. 

Agreeing that the earth is amazing is not only complimentary of the planet but one small step to making it a better place because naturally we want to protect that amazing.  Earth day 2017, did it really work?


Some may argue that celebrating our beautiful planet should not be restricted to one day out of the year. To a certain extent I agree with this. Of course the world that we live in is spectacular… we have waterfalls, millions of species somewhat cohabiting the place, volcanoes, oceans deeper than we can imagine, endless skies to observe, deserts, history and so much more, but as much as I would love to celebrate Earth Day every single day, I cannot. It’s a simple matter of ain’t nobody got time for that. Humans are busy with their lives and problems that occur daily and as such we tend to forget the extent of our own natural situation. I think it is important to take some time out to recognise the issues that inhibit the world and how we can make it better and if that is dedicated to one day out of the year then so be it. If there is one day out of the year where everybody can join in to celebrate and get to know the earth a bit more then there is no problem with that.

There are some people who are terrific in that they celebrate Earth Day every day! I take my hat off to them and also just want to say… sign me up please!


If anything, earth day helps us recognise the community- we are all required to take care of the earth.

Efforts were made by communities all over the world and to me, that is really humbling. The Sustainablecoastlineshawaii Instagram page reporting the substantial efforts from 904 volunteers in a Hawaii beach clean! The March for Science occurred in Washington to teach and recognise global issues! People simply celebrated with their friends while out on a walk and enjoying nature and others had admired the view from outside their windows.

Me? I was lucky enough to share the day with my boyfriend and dog, Obie in the great outdoors.


As you can see, the day was spent with smiles on faces and wags in tails.

We took a trek down to a local park that we found only the other weekend- very closeby but also well hidden so we had no idea it even existed- which makes it a wee bit cooler to visit.

What is cool about this park (Cuningar Circle) is that within it, there are all sorts of beautiful things that you can look  at to really admire earth. One of those being the thousands of growing trees supported by the netting on its journey upwards.





Its so reassuring to see man made efforts in helping the earth regain strength against human destruction. We have recognised that deforestation is a prominent issue in our world and so are taking steps to help the situation that we got ourselves into. The baby trees are growing quickly and strong. Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of trees have been planted here and are doing well in their growth.

But what is slightly cooler about this park is that they make it a fun and interactive location for all ages to enjoy too! You may have spotted the deer in the first picture above… it was a subtle decoration. There is a playpark made mostly entirely from wood. No need for metal monkey bars. Large rocks to climb upon (which we failed to do) and plenty of nice walks to enjoy the scenery.

One of those walks leads onto a boardwalk next to the river Clyde which was just beautiful.


Scotland always lives up to the promise of dramatic skies- just emphasising earth for us all and the wonders within.


It can therefore be clear to see that some humans do care about their environment and we just need reminding once every so often that this is the case. So, it is important that we have Earth day at least occurring once a year- if we were to do more, it would work too but as long as we have at least one day a year where everybody makes an effort to understand the beauty and complexity of the word we live in, the world will benefit.

If not for earth day, we would not have had the events that occurred on a global basis to save the whales or to protect the polar ice caps.

The people who help with earth day are those that recognise that human kind have messed up. We have messed up the earth tremendously, but what is spectacular about those humans that continue to help is that they are fixing the wrongs that themselves and generations before them have contributed to. And to me, that’s pretty wondrous and spectacular.

Earth day occurs every April on the 22nd and you should make a point of celebrating it- thank you if you did!




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