If you have just joined my group of readers, you may not be aware of the fact that Earth Day is right around the corner (Saturday 22nd april)! I am providing you guys with fun ways to celebrate the earth on its special day! Not just planting flowers… which by the way is a great way to celebrate too.

Moving onto the next element of Nature… Earth. It’s literally in the name of the day so it must be included.


Depending on how you want to celebrate Earth Day this year, ┬áit can be argued that you will always be nurturing the Element of Earth but just incase you want to specifically celebrate the element then keep reading, otherwise… keep reading ?
The thing about the element of Earth is that it is quite literally all around us. Why should we go through Earth Day without really admiring and appreciating the planet around us. I always find it can be almost too easy to forget that we do live on a planet because we refer to it as “home”.

This way to celebrate is surely something that we all like to do….
Visit the cool areas of Earth.

Now, there are millions of cool places on our planet but if you have a limited budget or time constraint find somewhere close by that you have never been able to really take in fully.

Take a trip with your friends or arrange a road trip to a nice location… it is Saturday after all so you might be free!

Jump in a river naked… paint your faces… have an impromptu photoshoot… my personal favourite idea is to arrange leaves and nature’s materials to make clothes to wear. You will feel like a genuine nature goddess. If I could get away with doing this every day I would. But for now I might just stick to leaving it to earth day.

Feel the sun on your skin and the rain if it comes and achieve Friluftsliv.

It’s so easy to turn a trip outdoors into something fun and this is a great way to celebrate Earth Day regardless of the weather. If you have your friends with you… even BETTER

If you can think of anymore fun ideas for the element of Earth in time for Earth Day then leave them in the comments below! Be sure to comment if you intend to try it!

If you take any pictures of your leafy get up then stick them on Instagram and tag #merrymaidearthday so so can see it all!

Let that inner Nature Goddess shine through.

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