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You clicked onto a rather cheerful area of the internet. The Merrymaid blog is a place for positive vibes only and therefore you cannot leave here feeling unhappy. I am currently improving my site and hope to have a beautiful, iridescent and spritely environment where you can retire to after your long gruelling day at work or your difficult and hectic week.

I like to spread the joy of good news and the everyday musings of my life. To read more about me, please click here!

This is a lifestyle, positive blog with an oceanic angle; I am hoping to bring into your lives the importance of ocean conversancy and how you can help the world become healthier in happy little ways.

You can see my blog posts below, with my personal favourites at the top for ease, if you would like to contact me for any reason you can do so by clicking at the top of the page "Contact me". Please do not ever be afraid to email me your thoughts, feelings, musings, questions etc. This is a place for freedom and happiness so... be free and happy!